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Auto Repair On Wheels literally came to my rescue! I had called because different engine lights came on when I had got to work and I was having a hard time starting my car; not having any experience with car repair I was starting to stress, I work 30 minutes from home and not exactly rolling in money so I knew there was no way I could afford to bring it to a shop to be fixed and the way the car was acting even if I could afford it, I wouldn't make it there without breaking down. The technician had patience with me and calmly asked me to explain what the car was doing and which lights were on - he walked me through it all without making me feel like an idiot! Auto Repair On Wheels came to me, without me having to leave work or lose hours, and let me know what was wrong with my vehicle and the plan and cost to fix it. I was shocked, not only was my vehicle ready for me to drive home before I finished working, it was also in my budget to repair. I thought it would cost more because they went out of their way to come to me, but I must say it was an experience I've never had with any other repair shop or service. I will never call another repair shop again! I received excellent service, a detailed explanation of what was wrong (in terms that I could understand) and paid the exact price they originally said it would cost; no hidden fees or added costs. It was exactly what I needed right when I needed it, Auto Repair on Wheels was a stress relief to say the least! Thank you so very much for service and consideration, I will recommend Auto Repair On Wheels to everyone I know!

Renee, Ft. Pierce Fl

I called Auto Repair On Wheels because m rack and pinion and pressure hose on my Nissan Sentra was in need of repair. I'm an Industrial Mechanic by trade and am able to do the repairs myself, however, I just don't have the time to do it. I contacted several mobile services in the area. Not only was Auto Repair On Wheels very quick to respond to my needs, I felt comfortable doing business with them from the start. They promptly arrived 30 minutes before the scheduled time and got right to work. They kept me updated through the process and completed the job within a timely manner. My car drives perfectly, doesn't leak power steering fluid, the rack and pinion is precisely centered, and the front wheel alignment was damn near perfect. The installation and service I received from them in my opinion, is better than most shops would perform period. I'm truly grateful to have found them and would personally recommend them to anyone looking to save time and money without subcumming to the high cost that a reputable shop would charge. #honestreliablemechanic

Seth, Stuart FL

My starter wen this morning, I called them, came within 90 minutes. Saved me too!

Jessica, Stuart FL

My AC was not blowing cold. I took it to three different repair shops for estimates and they were all very expensive, completely out of my budget. I heard about Auto Repair On Wheels and gave them a call. My car was fixed the same day and saved me over $600.00! Thank you!!

Tom, Port Saint Lucie FL